Are you sleeping too much?

Most of people these days have complaints that the cant sleep because they are suffering from insomnia. But there are another category of people who have complaints of oversleeping. They sleep more than a normal person need to sleep. Reported by many studies sleeping help to heal and restore the mind as well as body. As insomnia, oversleeping is also considered as a sleeping disorder. But all people just ignore the matter of oversleeping. Let’s know what really oversleeping means and how it affects the human body.

All about oversleeping  

According to doctors and experts every person should have 7 to 8 hour long sleep for healthy mind and life. But when people sleep for nine to ten hours, then it is considered as oversleeping. In oversleeping as much as you sleep the body demand more sleep. Oversleeping basically destroy the senses of human being slowly. When you take sleep for so many long hours your brain will stop working and accept the idleness as its activity. Oversleeping may also lead you towards depression like conditions. You can never become successful and laziness will over your life. In medical science disorder of oversleeping is named as hypersomnia. If you reach at the level of hypersomnia due to oversleeping may cause you heart diseases and thyroid. They also suggest so many remedies which a person can do at home. Over sleeping on memory foam mattress causing back pain as well.

Stop oversleeping

First step to stop oversleeping is to change the way you sleep. When someone loves sleeping they never get over it. Second step is to change your mattress. If your mattress is very comfortable and you easily fall sleep on it, then you should try a hard and little bit uncomfortable mattress. You should also replace your memory foam mattress causing back pain. The mattress with coconut filling will work for them in initial stage. When you will control your sleep then you can come back to the comfortable mattress.